A Belated Update

It is with a slightly heavy heart that I type this, but as of the beginning of July, LakeworkSpaces is going on indefinite hiatus. A year ago, we arrived in Cleveland bright-eyed, tremendously naive, and excited to start hitting the pavement, and it has been a whirlwind ride.

In the the past year we have:

 - held 8 pop-ups coworking events.

 - Hosted over a hundred cleveland area coworkers.

 - Released a small (not scientifically rigorous) case study on the state of NEO entrepreneur work locations.

 - won two business competitions.

 - been accepted into and graduated from an accelerator.

 - completed the Bad Girl Ventures program me.

 - found hundreds of supporters who value what we are doing.


 - had a total blast.

Though there is a decided air of finality to this post, this should not be viewed as a funeral, but more of a vacation. The reason for the hiatus is that our team has recently gained full-time employment, and while this is a good thing, it does dramatically reduces the time available for LakeworkSpaces (a full-time job in and of itself). So rather than have our community languish in a sort-of limbo, while we look to the next steps in our lives, we decided to instead make this hard choice and celebrate what we had accomplished.

As the months progress, our schedules may open up and if they do, we would love to bring back the pop-ups. That said, for now that is just wishful thinking, but if it becomes more concrete, we will make sure everyone knows.

Until that day, the Cleveland Metro Area Coworking meetup group will continue to highlight coworking opportunities in our area for those that need their coworking fix and we will try to send out occasional updates on coworking and the coworking industry via our Facebook page and Twitter accounts.

Thanks again for all the support: you all have been amazing, Cleveland has been amazing, and we are so happy for what we have been able to accomplish.

-The LakeworkSpaces Team

LakeworkSpaces: Looking Forward

We are tremendously sorry for the dearth in updates in the past two months. After the LaunchU programme finished, our schedules became completely packed with a ton of obligations and events leading up to both our journey down to Texas and the later to New York City. Regardless we just finished backdating some entries we had written before but hadn’t been able to post so some of the gaps should now be filled in

Our schedules look like they are finally settling down (more-or-less) and so barring any life shattering events, we are going to try posting more regularly. Plus with a new website being designed as we speak, we are exited about the upcoming changes that should be unveiled in the upcoming weeks. 

So yeah things are looking good. Stay tuned for news. 

LakeworkSpaces visits NYC

This past weekend we took a brief trip to NYC. To some extent it was for unrelated business, to some extent it was a vacation, and to some extent it was a chance to hang out in the awesome coworking spaces we heard about while at the GCUC.

Unfortunately, right after we arrived we decided vacation be damned and really put our nose to the proverbial grindstone and tried to visit as many spaces as we physically could pack into our days while in the city.

While there we managed to snag tours at Greenspaces, New Work City, Projective Space, We Create NY, Fueled Collective, Grind, So Techie Spaces, and The Alley NYC. Though all awesome in their own right, our visits to Grind and the Alley were definitely highlights worth checking out if you get the chance. 

If are interested in a more play-by-play version of this trip, check out this Storify our founder, Daniel Dudley, threw together. 

And for pictures, check out our Facebook page.

GCUC Day 2 // Recap

Today was the second and final day of the GCUC—this time it was the unconference.

For those of you unfamiliar with an unconference, it is basically a DIY reaction to the rigid structure of the tradition conference. Recognizing that a lot of the magic of conferences happen between participants in the hallway after the panels have ended, an unconference seeks to replicate that on a much large scale.

At the beginning of the day, the participants come together to suggest topics to be discussed, there is some quick voting, a schedule is hacked together and the people are off. Though there are suggested time limits, the discussion (moderated by the person who proposed it) basically lasts as short of as long as they need to.

Even with today being shorter and more relaxed than the previous, there was a tremendous amount of information to absorb. What was especially awesome was that since everything was on a more personal level, all of the questions, anecdotes, and advice given was tailored specifically for an individual and immediately actionable.

Every panel that I attended today and all the people I talked with were great, and there wasn’t a bad or uninformed suggestion that, but at the end of the day I have to give special shout outs to Jerome Chang from Blankspaces in LA, Vince Pan of Boston-based Analogue Studios, and Benjamin Dyett from Grind in NYC (and soon to be Chicago). Every conversation we were involved in or listed to that they were a part of wer super on point and probably cleared up more questions that we had in those few hours than 80% of the conversations we’ve had in the last 8 months combined.

Finally, another special shout out goes to Sarah Cox, the operations manager for the Capital Factory (one third of the audience for the panel we moderated on incubators).This shout out is for giving us a tour of the incredible 22,000 sq ft space she runs located on the top floor of a tower in Austin’s financial district downtown.

GCUC Day 1 // Recap

Today was the first day of the 2013 Global Coworking Unconference Conference—specifically the “conference” half— and to give you an comprehensive overview of what happened would be just short of impossible. In the 10 hour day, there were over 45 speakers and panelists talking on a host of different subjects. The topics ranged from a Coworking Industry State-of-the-Union to finding funding sources and business models for spaces to how coworking can have a deeper impact on society—there was even an especially poignant panel entitled “Serendipity on Steroids.” Needless to say, there was so much information we are just now beginning the process of attempting to digest it. However there was so much good information that we can’t not share anything and so may I present the initial “big takeaways” post from GCUC day 1.

 - The number of coworking spaces around the world is rising fast but the number of independent workers is also growing and still greatly exceeds the number of available coworking spots. Additionally, we are leading increasing virtual lives and coworking has the potential to be a much needed human grounding.

 - Coworking is not a real estate business. It is a business of community and providing more than just office space. That said, like all communities, not everyone will be a good fit and overtime the community will be self-selecting. However, don’t confuse “natural selection” with cliques and diminishing diversity—the most vibrant communities are ones with a range of people and backgrounds in them.

 - Create an ecosystem for serendipity and networking. This is the real magic of coworking spaces. However, remember that this is a professional environment and people are here to work—nurture  community but don’t let it detract from people doing the jobs that pay for them to be in the space.

For a more about what went on during GCUC Day 1, check out this Storify Daniel set up to collect thoughts and somewhat catalog the event in a more digestible way.

As per usual, photos can be found on our Facebook page.